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Open Jungle / Mozambique photo © LuciaVeraCoccaro

Everything that is beautiful and noble is the product of creativity energy expression plus reason and calculation.


It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by hypocrisy


human being, along with thousand emotions, is destined to change in and out, shape and soul, over the years. Thus live and enjoy every aspects of your growth either with sadness of happiness


Take your time, gather your thoughts and abilities. Evaluate them, then choose what fits you better

Sun Tzu

The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.

Bertrand Russell

Perfection is not a destination, it's a never-ending process.

Salvador Dalì

The best designs are always the result of a continuous process of simplification and refinement.

Kevin Mullet

Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.


You must know your destination port if you wish to catch a favorable wind.

Lucio Anneo Seneca

who I am

According to the dictionary, the word talent means, "a special natural ability of a superior capacity or a marked innate aptitude for achievement or success".

Ancient Greek asserted that this capability is one of those hidden qualities that you never really know you have until you suddenly discover it. If you do not try, you will never find out. The only way to know what gift you have is to try them all.

For instance, when I was a teenager, I had an internship with the Air Force Academy in Naples in order to become a fighter pilot. I love airplanes, but my personality and the military-lifestyle were not a good match. Although I had few exciting flight hours piloting a civil airplane, I realized that such professional figure would never match my future life. At about the same time, I painted several works and entered them in a competition. To my astonishment, I won first price, which paid a cash award, and 200 serigraphs of these works were printed. I also got my picture in the local newspaper.

From this, I said to myself that drawing would come fairly easy to me.

Once I discovered my capability, I had to meet two conditions. First, I had to choose where to pursue a degree in higher education concerning art subjects. Second, I had to plan how to have a successful creative career as a professional digital artist. After I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and the European Institute of Design with two majors in Digital and Virtual Design, I became more and more conscious that Computer Graphics is what I was absolutely looking for.

In order to focus on it, I had to ask myself two simple questions. First, do you like doing it? Second, are you good at doing it?

One answer, one sentence: I've got a fever and the only prescription is more Computer Generated Imagery.

Even though anybody can use a software to make something that looks like a group of geometrical objects, it takes art to make numerous thoughts look like a reality. I have got skills and know-how to achieve that goal. So far I went to the United States where CGI matter has developed in several and incredible ways. It gave me more strenght to become an industrial professional.

Today I live in Rome and I'm getting deeper into the rythm of User Experience Design related to Mobile and Web Development enviroment.

soy criollo!

Yes, I was born and raised in Caracas, the city where the latin rhythm make people smile. Nowdays the world itself is my home.

my family

is spread out all over the world with the result of mixing cultures We travel a lot and communicate in different languages

I'm a sun devil

I applied to the Arizona State University several times where I could face people from endless countries and party hard

air force

As teenager, I had an internship with the Air Force Academy in order to become a fighter pilot. Then I quit. I got my own training for a while


I ate fried chicken at the free market the border near by the area of Manguzi (South Africa).


creativity is not only related to a job but also it has to be considered as a crucial player of your building life cycle


Comedians say what most of the people would really like to say. What a fun :)


Can't get enough of the rare Ol' Skool jams even SalsaMerecumbia and more starting from 70s trhough 80s 'til 90s

food & Sport

Fruit, vegetables, legumes, iodine, alotta ice-cream and donuts plus walking for fitness improve your health

suzuki santana

She's 3 years younger than me. My SJ-410-genuine to rhyme for '88 ... coz I'm so smooth!

And speaking of my professional figure, have a look at some of the following skills, qualifications and expertise best developed at present!

I'll let my flow do the talkin' and let the music play, How ya like me now

cross ux-design
cross ux / ui development
motion graphics
3D production

case history - i do it my way

. alitalia .

case history - moleskine - interaction model
Info Architecture - IA/IXD

All of your knwoledge and expertise is gathered at this entry level. The more you plan carefully, the better what's next.

case history - moleskine - user interface
Visual Design - UI

Now it's about time to keep it cool and pixel perfect aligned, once you're done a lot of concepts properly.

case history - moleskine - ui asset
Information Design - ID

A hard-working step that must be considered as a crucial approach to the next level. Easy to manage when app needs reviews.

case history - moleskine - testing
View Structure - VS

It looks like it's over. Wrong! Now, your design needs an extra review … maybe more than one if you haven't follow what's before.

. moleskine .

case history - moleskine - interaction model
Info Architecture - IA/IXD
case history - moleskine - user interface
Visual Design - UI
case history - moleskine - ui asset
Information Design - ID
case history - moleskine - testing
View Structure - VS

Get insight

. lottomaticard .

case history - moleskine - interaction model
IA - IxD

Long time, no talk since 2009! Lottomaticard relive again in the form of android-like interaction

case history - moleskine - user interface

Keeping it minimal, not to mention the difficulties to customize the overall brands involved

case history - moleskine - ui asset

All of the information design were created to provide the deploy process easy to update

case history - moleskine - testing
View Structure - VS

Heading to its first release. Waiting for user's comments!


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